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headshot photographer near me
photographer near me

29 W 8th St. Bayonne, NJ 07002

studio 201.243.6011 business cell 704.491.2376 

We know how hard it is to trust you've found the right professional with the confidence to capture you at your best, so we invite you to ANNOUNCE your existence at our portrait studio in Bayonne, New Jersey. Elevate your presence with Chrys LaVonn Photography, your premium portraiture studio catering to men and women alike with the desire to LOOK AND FEEL THEIR BEST. EVERY TIME.


Tell me if this sounds familiar,

“I hate the way I look in photos. Photoshoots are a waste of money.”

“I loathe having my picture taken. Photographers always seem to capture the least flattering version of me.”


I hear you! I have experienced the same disappointment. This is why I pride Chrys LaVonn Photography on the guided consultative process I have in place to establish a genuine connection with all of my headshot clients. I build on the details of our one on one conversations, so what I capture in camera aligns perfectly with what you envision. I am as invested in your success as you are because I understand the importance of authentic representation in this digital age. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a team of driven creatives, or simply someone ready to melt the heart of your love interest, my expertise offers an easy and carefree resolve to your headshot dilemma. There's no time like the present to invest in yourself. Indulge in marketing a more refined you; indulge on your premium portraiture EXPERIENCE with Chrys LaVonn Photography. Call our studio today at 201.243.6011.

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Professional Headshots Bayonne

It's about the fusion of a strong social presence to a brand clients can't stop raving over! Welcome to your personal branding experience, an expert-guided process designed and personally curated to enhance both self-image and the credibility of your brand's culture. Spend a carefree day with Chrys LaVonn Photography cultivating trust and personal connection with your target demographic while developing brand consistency to maximize your desired visibility. In need of personal branding? Indulge in marketing a more refined you; indulge on your premium  portraiture EXPERIENCE with Chrys LaVonn Photography. 
Request your consultation now to book your personal branding session. Call our studio today at 201.243.6011. 

For years you’ve been told what to do, where to go, and WHO to be once you got there. Someone probably mentioned you need to book senior photos soon because graduation is around the corner. Am I right? The reality of walking across that stage can be daunting, but your senior portraits don’t have to be, so pick up the phone and connect with me today.

We'll kick your session off in studio (it even has snacks and a Playstation), then flood the streets of the concrete jungle with those authentic senior vibes for a full day production tailored with only your personal flare in mind! Book your senior photos with me and you’ll be ready to confidently peel back that last layer of grade school skin and embrace the graduate transformation.
I did mention you'll do it in style, right? 

Indulge in creating portraits as unique as you are. Skip the basic cap and gown setup because there is no reset button for this moment. Indulge on your premium portraiture EXPERIENCE with Chrys LaVonn Photography. Reach out. I'll capture you exactly how you want to be remembered. Call our studio today at 201.243.6011 or click below to send a message.

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Black Love

Love is beautiful and ever-enduring and it ignites my passion for photography. Let love guide you to me; I'll preserve the intimacy. The laughter. Imagine freezing time and reflecting back on this very day, remembering all of the butterflies. How irresistible I made you look to one another. How I captured every heart-pounding moment through the posing. Through the wardrobe. Indulge in reliving the beginning of forever with your stylized session; indulge on your premium portraiture EXPERIENCE with Chrys LaVonn Photography. Call our studio today  at 201.243.6011 or click below to send a message.

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Boudoir's a sensual experience everyone should invest in at least once (a year if I'm lucky). It even has a name for the men, dudeoir. Giving in to desire and embracing our insatiable craving for Edge. Sex appeal. downright satisfying. I will lure you to the bad side by the end of our first conversation. We'll celebrate with endless mimosa's, plenty of fruit, champagne, and wine! I know you're curious, so start deciding when to strip down now and leave the other details to me! With wardrobe selections inspired by Maxim|V Secret|+CK

alter egos will steal your spotlight! AND with my Pro MUA in attendance to serve up not one but three beauty looks, I can't help but take you from innocent to too much to handle! Everyone needs at least one bad friend. But not just any bad friend. One elevating women one arched back at a time! Stick with me, I'll have you acting out like you wear nothing but lace panties every day. Indulge in the urge to feel desirable; indulge on your premium portraiture EXPERIENCE with Chrys LaVonn Photography.

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Elevate Your Presence w/a Little Dramatic Edge.

Couples Session | NJ photographer
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Top headshot photographer
Chrys LaVonn




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Chrys LaVonn Photography 29 W 8th St. Bayonne, NJ 07002

STUDIO 201.243.6011           BUSINESS CELL 704.491.2376

Which Experience(s) Interests You?

I have a feeling luxury looks good on you!

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Imagine searching Google tirelessly, when you simply needed Chrys LaVonn Photography all along for your portrait needs. So, you nervously reach out, causing my heart to swell and flutter with excitement and anticipation. I inhale slowly, just as I've practiced many times before...but then my eyes begin to water because I've forgotten to exhale (again). We all know...there's nothing like the first get to say, hello.

Discovery Call + Consultation

We discuss your ideal vision and my team does what it takes to make it happen as soon as your session is reserved. + I come to you and precisely plan out every detail of your shoot. From concept to wardrobe, I manage the entire load, freeing you to go about your everyday life as you typically would. Exciting, right?

Everyone's a VIP at Chrys LaVonn Photography, but I'll admit, I've been paying extra attention to you. Can't believe I shared that. I don't want the rest of my clients getting jealous. See, I've been up with butterflies and knots because I can't wait for YOUR shoot day. The energy, the vibe. Everything's in place for an incredible session. This is the day you'll reinvent yourself. 



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There will be no 1...2...3...say cheese today. I'm coming in hot after your complimentary professional makeup session, guiding posing and expression. Every press of my shutter has been pre planned. You'll only see yourself in the best light, pun intended. Today, you indulge on your premium portraiture experience with Chrys LaVonn Photography and I will not disappoint. I wonder which of us is showing off more? Lol.

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I'll just go ahead and throw this out there now...I will be arriving with snacks so you DON'T HATE ME FOR BEING SO DAMN GOOD AT WHAT I DO. I promise I argue with myself for hours over what images to present because YES, you did deliver in nearly every frame and I loved just about everything! Good luck narrowing down your selection. I'm so so glad that pressure is not on me!

Reveal + Ordering Session

Each reveal begins with a privately viewed slideshow curated with the best images from your session. Once the slideshow ends, I'll present a soft edit of my absolute favorite image, so you have an idea of the difference a professional retouch makes versus what is seen unedited straight out of camera. + We'll finalize the portraits you will be purchasing, as well as any bundled collections, custom wall art arrangements, folio boxes and or albums that best suit your taste and expectation. Acceptable forms of payment include: Cash. Check. Square. Square Cash App Pay. Affirm. Chrys LaVonn Photography specific gift cards or gift vouchers. Apple Pay.
Split pay is now available through Square Merchant Services. Additional
 client specific financing is now available courtesy of Affirm if needed or requested.Take home everything you love and pay for it over time.

ALL IMAGES © 2021 Chrys LaVonn Photography,  DBA -Make You Shutter Productions, LLC by CHRYS LA'VONN 

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