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Standard Session

Excluding Sales Tax

Standard Session. In home/zoom styling and concept consultation. 
Complimentary Makeup Artistry.
Multiple wardrobe changes.
 2hr session. $550 image credit


    -Stay hydrated! Drink plenty of water the week of your shoot. It'll be hard, but TRY to get enough rest the night before as well
    -Arrive showered with freshly exfoliated and moisturized skin/face
    -Do not apply body oils. They create unsightly light reflections
    !!Hair services are not provided through Chrys LaVonn Photography in fairness to clients whom we cannot accommodate in a timely manner. Plan in advance for styling as needed
    -DO prep your nails with a simple manicure/pedicure (cuticle treatment, clean neatly trimmed nails, clear or even coats of colored polish) at minimum
    -Consider wardrobe and session theme when finalizing nail color, type, and design PLEASE do not forget your wardrobe selections if traveling to our studio
    !!Iron beforehand. There is a steamer on site, but I cannot guarantee it will remove deep wrinkles. I also don't want steaming clothing interfering with your session schedule
    -For form-fitting attire or lack of, arrive with loose undergarments or none at all to reduce skin creases and seam lines (bras, socks, undershirts, underwear, et cetera)
    -There is a changing room in the studio for your privacy and comfort
    -Leave early enough to avoid traffic jams to ensure you arrive as scheduled and stress-free
    -Your punctuality provides the MUA (if requested) and me the necessary time needed to deliver an exceptional and unrushed experience
    -IF you are not taking advantage of your complimentary MUA service, MAKE SURE your preferred artist is knowledgeable in camera-ready makeup application

    !!Complimentary MUA service is reserved for one person only due to scheduling constraints. If shooting with individuals that require makeup, have them plan in advance with their artist of preference. DO make sure the artist is skilled in camera-ready makeup application



    If I (Chrys LaVonn) am or an unreplaceable member of the Chrys LaVonn Photography staff is exposed to anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 or has tested positive, we will immediately quarantine for the recommended amount of time per CDC guidelines. All sessions impacted will be rescheduled or reimbursed as the client sees fit due to timing and inconvenience. If you ( the client ) are experiencing symptoms, have been exposed to, or have tested positive for Covid-19, contact me to reschedule your session to a later date. You will not be refunded. If you miss your session, you will not be refunded. No call no show, you will not be refunded. If you are more than 15 minutes late to your session, you will need to either A.) reschedule to a later date B.) decline complimentary MUA services C.) proceed with complimentary MUA services without compromise to the application and use the remaining time of your session to shoot

    !!MUA services are no longer complimentary after rescheduling due to tardiness. The artist will still need to be compensated for their time regardless of whether we proceed with your session or not. If you do not plan in advance for MUA services on the rescheduled date of your shoot, you will incur a separate charge for the MUA that has to travel to the studio. This will negatively impact your session schedule.

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